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RENEWABLE CONSULTING2018-11-09T10:29:55+00:00

From Environmental Assessments and Engineering Design to Health and Safety

Renewable Consulting

At any stage during development, construction or operation, we will work with you to find cost-effective solutions that maximize the value of your project over its lifetime.

From environmental assessments and engineering design to health and safety and regulatory compliance, you will find the expert you seek at Enerfra.

We Offer Advice On


  • Selecting optimal locations

  • Understanding project constraints

  • Design: technical guidance through project set-up

  • Resource assessments and bankable yield reporting


  • Energy yield independent review

  • Turbine and Balance of Plant suitability assessment

  • Interconnection & transmission assessments

  • Evaluation of suppliers / contractors  Permitting / environmental review


  • Site Assessment and Suitability Study

  • Conceptual design

  • Technology Evaluation and Selection

  • Project Feasibility Study

  • Detailed Project Report

  • Preparation of Tender specification

  • Technical Bid Evaluation

  • Project Management and Co-ordination

  • Field Engineering Services & Inspection

  • Support commissioning activities

  • Evacuation System Design and Studies

  • Project Documentation Review

  • Project Progress Review

  • Project O&M Review