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Enerfra Has Well Established Asset Management Teams and Our Clients Benefit

ASSET Management

Maximize your renewable assets

Enerfra has well established asset management teams and our clients benefit from the close relationships we establish and maintain with suppliers and service providers.

We offer professional in-house technical and engineering expertise, including a 24-hour control room for planned proactive management and compliance.

This not only helps to maximize energy generation but also helps lower operational costs by avoiding any expensive failures. We manage procurement contracts and warranties, and can carry out condition monitoring to ensure reliability.

Managing your assets

Managing a renewable asset involves much more than managing on site activities. Enerfra can help with everything from data to budgets and local communities. Our comprehensive range of asset management services is trusted by leading investors and tailored for clients, and ensures all compliance issues are dealt with efficiently and expertly while maximizing assets’ financial performance.

Deep insight
into all the equipment

Extensive reporting

Proactive Closure of
Regulatory Matters

24/7 continuous monitoring to ensure optimal performance and the achievement of financial projects

Proven team of sub-contractors
developed for responsive
incident resolution

Operations & Maintenance Services

Our team delivers a detailed and extensive list of monitoring,
O&M and asset management services.

An overview of typical services includes: