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IMS Policy



We at the Enerfra Projects (India) Private Limited are committed to

  • Promote awareness for quality, environment, safety, occupational health, ethics, and social responsibility for corporate excellence by continually improving the performance across the organization.
  • Knowing and complying with the legislation, standards, regulations, commitment charters and good practice codes statutorily or voluntarily applicable, taking into consideration the aspects of quality, environment, ethics, social responsibility, and risks and hazards related to occupational health and safety in every activity carried out by ENERFRA and its contractors;
  • Ensuring relationship with customers, suppliers, employees, communities, stakeholders, and other interested parties for providing quality products and services at optimum cost and to continually improve the integrated management system.
  • When performing the activities, preventing, eliminating, or minimizing polluting emissions and occupational disease and injury risks that could harm the individual and social well-being and adversely affect our stakeholders and the Company’s or third parties’ properties.
  • Recycle critical resources like water, solid waste and Upgrade all plants with state of the art technologies and operating practice to minimize generation of pollution at sources.
  • Green belt development to protect and preserve the ecosystem.
  • Making concerned employees, contractors, and transporters aware of their individual responsibility in EMS and OH & S matters and related compliance requirements.
  • Safety in all processes by safe storage, handling and process wastes with an endeavour to have incident free operations.
  • Creating continually quality, environmental and occupational health & safety awareness among employees and contractors through regular training and education Programmes.

Our QHSE Policy will be made available to all our Employees, Contractors,
Customers, Interested Parties, and Public.

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