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Enerfra Offers a Complete Suite of Grid Consulting Services

Grid Consulting

Enerfra offers a complete suite of Grid Consulting services including connection of new energy producing or consuming facilities to the grid, reliability analysis, short circuit and transient analysis, load flow analysis, reactive power compensation, and related areas, consistent with the local grid code.

Our consultants bring with them a wide array of experience from projects around the world across multiple grid codes.

Grid integration studies, for any source or major point of consumption

Infrastructure engineering and planning services for renewables

Optimal point
of connection

Detailed design of
EHV lines to the grid

Operational assessments,
including root cause analysis

Detailed design of
intra-windfarm/solar park power
collection network,
including cable
sizing, structural sizing, and
equipment rating selection

Complete pooling sub-station
design, including earth mat design,
lightning design, equipment
rating selection,battery sizing,

and bus-bar sizing

Contour and layout
design, and road
alignment for wind
farms and solar

Grid Compliance Solutions